A bit about climate change and how to prevent it

Welcome to the blog

Hello and welcome to the blog. This is the second blog of the month after the successful last blog. WE ARE BACK. was a great success. Now that’s enough chit chat lets get onto the blog.

Climate change

Climate change is a thing and it is a thing that we should try our best to fix. At the start, this will be hard to spot in the beginning because we may not have the technology to spot the changes in the temperature. Spotting these changes before it’s too late is crucial, as it determines if we die of climate change or of the sun expanding into a giant ball of flame and destroying the entire planet and all life that is on planet earth. If we can stop climate change we might just save us for tomorrow aka a nuclear apocalypse or whatever fate awaits humans in their huge race at the finish line.

The effects of climate change

  1. It is burning a hole in the ozone layer around the earth which is vital for us. If there was no ozone layer we would be vampires. The sun would be our greatest enemy and we would be forced to evolve into nightwalkers never to see the sun again.
  2. It is making the glaciers melt. Without them, we would have no frozen north or south poles and HUGE amounts of greenhouse gases would be released into the atmosphere.

How to help prevent climate change

  1. If you can afford them use electric cars as they don’t release carbon into the atmosphere
  2. Turn lights off in rooms where you are not using them, this saves power
  3. Eat less meat because believe it or not cows produce carbon when they fart
  4. Fart less as it produces carbon (kids below five will get this)
  5. If you can’t afford an electric car, find the car with the least carbon footprint that you can find and buy that car
  6. If you can’t afford a car then walk or bike to work because both of these have no carbon footprint
  7. If you want to you can make a petition and send it to the government most of the time they will listen to you

Random fact how maple syrup is made

This morning I went to lunch at The Smoke and Wood Collective. I had pancakes and maple syrup with a side of smoked salmon for breakfast. I found out that maple syrup is good with salmon. Then I wondered how maple syrup was made. My mum told me that it is made with sugar maple sap. And you are wondering how does this fit in with the subject? Well, climate change is making them decline in population and it is affecting the amount of sugar that is in the sap. This means that you need twice as much sap to make one gallon. It used to be twenty-five gallons now it’s fifty gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. That’s a HUGE amount of sap used in the making of such a small amount of syrup.

Maple sap
this is some sugar maple tree sap (it looks like melted amber)



We Are Back!!!


I’m super sorry for not posting in 3 to 4 years . Yes I am posting now but I know that it is not good enough. But that’s enough apologising lets catch you up.

Chicken  Deaths

We have had some recent losses in chickens (oops i mean dinosaurs) in the last couple of years. Here’s a list of names 1.Zeus 2.Amy. That’s all of the recently deceased dinos.
Here are some photos of their graves and the chickens themselves because you can’t read the inscription on them.

the graves

New Dinos

This is a list of the newly introduced dinos 1.Hester Shaw 2.Buckbeak these are their photos in their new enclosure. There will be some fights about who is where and all of that because that’s how chickens work in their day to day life.



My mom thinks that they are eating the chicken food. She also thinks that that they are on the roof! I think that they are inside of the roof aka in the attic. We will get a photo if it is possible. In the meantime we will say a random fact about the cats.

The cats are still afraid of the chickens!!!

Lulu and Yoda still freak out and hide under the dino house when they somehow get into the coop in which the dinos are kept. We will try to keep them out in the future. For now we have to accept when they get inside the coop and freak out.

Chicken tips

1 – Egg tip

If you find 20 or more or less eggs and you do not know how old they are, do a float test. A float test is a test where you put eggs in water and see if they float or sink. If they float they are rotten, if they sink they are good.

2 – The chickens dream

The chickens realised they where super happy. In their dreams they are super happy because they can go outside everywhere and explore everywhere. They have infinite food and they can become carnivores.

3 – A door

We added a chicken door for a good reason. The door is to let them in and out of their coop. The chicken door is a simple door that we can use with ease. We have a wood beam to prop it up and it is chicken and cat sized.

4 – Random chicken stuff

The chicken’s fav food is sammys. Chickens poo and pee at the same time. Free range chickens still need food and water and do better than caged chickens. They need to be able to wander about and show food search behaviour and ground pecking. They need to be happy as they can be by doing their natural behaviours.

5 – Leg mites

You can tell if your chicken or someone else’s chicken has leg mites because their scales are poofed up. How to get rid of it is use oil. What you do with the oil is you spray it or rub it into your chicken’s legs. Any type of oil will work on your chicken’s legs.

6 – Araucanas

Araucanas lay blue eggs! Different types of chickens can lay different colours of eggs. And there is a breed of chicken that lays different colours of eggs.

Eggs eggs eggs and more eggs. Green eggs, blue eggs and brown eggs.

All about the chickens


Boys and girls
Silas is cuddling me.

Hi, my name is Amy and I am older than one year old. I am a red shaver. I like people – they are cool as. My comb is bent over and I am not noisy, I am quiet. I love to be petted and snuggled.


I am the best chicken in the world!

Hi, my name is Zeus. I’m the second highest at the moment. I have an important job – train warriors. I am also the smartest chicken. I am scared of four legged furry things. I lay my eggs in the nest and Amy will hopefully be joining the nest layers company.



Ché is snuggling me

Hi my name is Artemis. I’m a red shaver like Amy. I lay eggs in a nest made of grass. I eat a nest a day. They are delicious. I cannot be bothered by four legged furry things now that they are so far away.


Egg time! Now where is a nice spot of mud.

Hi, I’m Hera. I feel like a white leg horn. Ché thinks I am a white leg horn. I lay eggs in the mud all the time. It is super super fun, especially when you or Silas finds them. I lay them under the house, they roll to where you find them.


Eggs, eggs, and more eggs

Eggs galore

We have 15 eggs to-day. That’s so many eggs. We are getting 2 eggs per day. We are
so so proud of the chickens for laying that many eggs. We are so so happy. Me, Silas, Tony, and Talei are so so proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Artemis,

The mopdey fropdes are silly cats. I hope that you are having the time of your life in the forest. Is there enough food and water in the forest. Please say there is enough shelter for you in the forest.

Yours Sincerely,


Mopdey fropdes

Dear Amy,

O.K. I will tell Silas that he is right about it. How many eggs have you laid in the last 15 days?

Yours Sincerely,


Muddy Boots
So much mud

A vicious storm hit our house last night. I hoped that the chickens would be o.k. and they were… fine. Just really really scared. Same were the 4 legged furries. There was one bolt of lightening that hit near the house. I felt it in my room. I hoped that a flood had not hit. In the morning the yard was so wet and muddy I could not get through the yard with-out seeing muddy ground all over the place. Hera’s mud egg was in the nest not in on the muddy ground.

Hera Mud Chicken
I like to lay my eggs in the mud!!!

Egg Letter

Hi Ché,

Yoda is so so interested in one thing: chicken [oops I mean dinosaur] TV. He is addicted to it. Like you are to TV. I would like it if he would stop and think about it

Yours Sincerely,


Yoda stop it!!!

Hi Ché,

Thanks for getting chickens. I have more company so when the big two legs are out
I’m not lonely. I’m happy with you for the chickens. I don’t see anything wrong with watching chickens all day. Lulu is super crazy and jealous.

Yours Sincerely,

‘Big-face’ Yoda

Chicken TV is the best TV!!!!

Hi Che,

The funny white fur-face is watching me all the time. It is so so scary that he is so so annoying. I wish that the fur-faces would leave me in peace.

Yours Sincerely,


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We have another egg. Number two eggs yay. I am so so happy and same with my mum.








Chickens! Chickens! and the Egg

We have are first egg!!! My mum is so so happy and Excited. I was super happy and Excited.

This is our egg !!!


The Egg !!!

We have three chickens: Amy, Zeus & Hera. The alpha is Amy, the deputy is Zeus and the warrior is Hera.

Hi Silas,

This is so so so fun. I laid the egg. You were right bro!

Yours Sincerely,



Dear Ché

A new home yay!!! This is so so so exciting and fun.

I love the food
I love the house

It it fun as !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours Sincerly,


3 chooks
The chickens (oops i mean dinosaurs) Amy is red, Zeus is black and Hera is white

Have you seen my dinosaur?

Artemis is missing in action. If you see her please message me on a blog comment. If you did, thank you for doing it – it means the world to me.

I think she got under a fence. Mum thought that the fence isn’t high enough and added some more to it.


We made some improvements, here is the list:

  1. Higher fence meaning that no cats can get in, or chickens get out
  2. The ground is getting less muddy
  3. We checked that the fences were right to the ground so no chicken could slip under them

I received a letter from Artemis today !!!

Dear Ché,

The forest is such a good and fun place to live in. I’m so so sorry that I had to leave you but those big 4 legged furry things drove me away.

p.s. I will make up a name for them. Ahh – Moopdy-froopdies!

love and pecks from


Chicken (oops I mean dinosaur) invasion

muddy paddock

We finally got dinosaurs in our back yard. Finally we have chickens (oops i mean dinosaurs). Finally we don’t have to pay for eggs (after two more week’s).

On Saturday we got the chickens. First we went to get some money to pay for the chickens.

cat box

Then we went to get two chickens at the farm… It was so muddy and wet I had to wear gumboots to get around. To get them we had to go with the chickens to our home which was to become one to the chickens.

We caught two dinosaurs in cat boxes for the transport to home-ground forevermore. We love forevermore chickens.



Boys and girls

Preparing for the dinosaurs

Right now we are doing the first blog of the month. This week is about what we have done to prepare for the dinosaurs.

We have built the coop. It needed to have a roof, nest boxes and a bit of hay for the nests to make them comfortable for the chickens (oops I mean dinosaurs). They need perches for sleeping and to train them to use the nest boxes.

We’ve also done a lot of hard work to make the chicken (I mean dinosaur) coop out of an old garden cold frame.

We are also doing a small course about chicken behaviour so that we know more about chickens (I mean dinosaurs) when we get them.

I hope we can get the dinosaurs next week but we just need to finish the coop.